Crossing Borders

Date: 12. aug. 2017 - 26. aug. 2017
Price: Admission

Join us on a journey where we focus on how artists have always crossed great distances in their quest for inspiration and new ideas.

Artists have always been adventurous, travelling out into the world in order to get new ideas and inspire others. The exhibition explores how artists crossed great distances during the years 1300 to 1800 – driven first by necessity, then by an urge for adventure.

Across national borders
The crusades of the Middle Ages forced Greek artists to leave their homes and journey west in search of work. This marked the beginning of cultural exchanges, friendships and artist communities that cut across national borders.

Later, adventurous artists also ventured out into other countries. Wherever they came they absorbed new skills, knowledge, inspiration and ideas while also influencing artists in the countries they visited.

500 years of art
Delve into five centuries of Western European art and learn about the aspects that caught the eye of Northern European artists in southern climes, and meet one of the few artists who went north rather than south: the Flemish trompe l’oeil artist Corbelius Norbertus Gijsbrechts. A painter whose realistic work fooled the eye to create compellingly realistic illusions.

The titans of art history come together in this exhibition: Andrea Mantegna, Lucas Cranach the Elder, Peter Paul Rubens, Corbelius Norbertus Gijsbrechts, Jacob Jordaens, Rembrandt van Rijn and many more.

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