We the People (Detail)

Date: 1. jun. 2012 - 31. dec. 2013
Time: 10:00 - 17:00
Price: Free

A full-scale replica of the Statue of Liberty has been built at a metal workshop in Shanghai. However, the statue has not been welded together to reach its full height of 45 metres; rather, it has been split into approximately 400 fragments that have been scattered across the entire world.

The instigator behind this trans-boundary project is the artist Danh Vo. He had an exact replica of the Statue of Liberty from the New York harbour made at a metal workshop in Shanghai. However, the approximately 400 parts that make up the 45m sculpture have not been welded together – and nor will they be. Quite the contrary: they have been sent out into the world and are currently being exhibited at a range of museums worldwide.

Face to face with the Statue of Liberty
You will be able to experience a total of approximately 100 elements in the Sculpture Street in the Gallery.

Throughout the exhibition run new parts of the sculpture will be added, some will be moved around, and others will be sent on to other destinations. This is to say that the exhibition is in a constant state of flux and that all the parts shown at the Gallery can be said to be only passing through.

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A transboundary project
Danh Vo says about the project: Artists often get idiotic ideas. And this idea is out of all proportion, not just in physical terms, but also in practical and logistical terms.

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