SMK Fridays #29

SMK Fridays: Sound & Vision
To help celebrate the Cph Art Week, the SMK joined forces with the Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, inviting you to an evening that explored the fields where visual and aural art intersect.

SMK Fridays #28

SMK Fridays – Institut for Succes 2.0
This evening, the art collective Insititut for Succes transformed SMK Fridays into a single performance work; one that encompassed and framed a range of performances by Danish and international artists alike.

SMK Fridays #27

SMK Fridays – What Lies Beneith / Mark Leckey
This SMK Fridays event celebrates the opening of the exhibition What Lies Unspoken and the all-new exhibition in x-rummet featuring British contemporary artist Mark Leckey.

SMK Fridays #26

SMK Fridays – Romanticism <3
This time, SMK Fridays was about the museum's latest acquisition: After the Storm from 1817 by Caspar David Friedrich – the leading artist of the Romantic movement by far.

SMK Fridays #25

SMK Fridays: Japanomania! feat. Frost Festival
We collaborated with Frost Festival for this year’s first SMK Fridays event, which featured a very special concert performance and focused on this winter’s major special exhibition, Japanomania in the North 1875-1918.

SMK Fridays #24

SMK Fridays
In collaboration with the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies at the University of Copenhagen, we hosted the year's last SMK Fridays, which focused on the living dead art.

SMK Fridays #23

SMK Fridays
On the occasion of the Golden Days festival, the SMK put the spotlight on the 1970s. The ULK Art Labs stood at the helm of the evening.

SMK Fridays #22

SMK Fridays feat. Cph Art Week
In collaboration with Cph Art Week, SMK Fridays hosted a garden party with gentle caresses, aromatherapy and al fresco drinks.

SMK Fridays #21

SMK Fridays on Bornholm
In June 2016 SMK Fridays relocated to the island of Bornholm for “Folkemødet” – Denmark’s premier festival for politics and democracy.

SMK Fridays #20

This evening’s SMK Fridays event was a special edition in the series where Danish artist Henrik Plenge Jakobsen was in control and put together an exciting evening exactly as he saw fit.

SMK Fridays #19

SMK Fridays – Architecture + Art
For this edition of SMK Fridays we collaborated with CAFx – Copenhagen Architecture Festival – to focus on the fields where art and architecture intersect.

SMK Fridays #18

SMK Fridays feat. Frost Festival
For this year’s first SMK Fridays event we teamed up with Frost Festival to host an evening with music, video art, social experiments and a dash of sex magic.

SMK Fridays #17

SMK Fridays feat. CPH:DOX – On top of reality
For this year’s final SMK Fridays event we joined forces with the documentary film festival CPH:DOX to focus on art and films that look to – and at – the real world for its subject matter.

SMK Fridays #16

SMK Fridays #16 feat. Golden Days Festival of Important Shit
The 18 September 2015 we joined forces with the Golden Days organisation and their Festival of Important Shit to ask the following question: What is a masterpiece?

SMK Fridays #15

SMK Fridays: Summer edition
This special summer edition of SMK Fridays took place in the Royal Cast Collection on the Copenhagen harbour front.

SMK Fridays #14

SMK Fridays: Set art free!
For this SMK Fridays we presented a pop-up exhibition. 13 designers and artists had created a range of new art works built upon copyright free pictures of art from SMK’s collections.

SMK Fridays #13

SMK Fridays: Can art change the world?
On 17 April 2015 we focused attention on the kind of art that involves itself directly in social issues. On this night you could explore art from the 1960s and 1970s in the exhibition What’s Happening?.

SMK Fridays #12

SMK Fridays: A cosy night in the museum
The SMK went all relaxed to host a cosy, quiet night in when we invited you all to yet another SMK Fridays. This night you could enjoy some homely quality time with readings, a crocheting salon and a sleepover.

SMK Fridays #11

SMK Fridays: The Baroque Edition
On 13 February the SMK went Baroque as we welcomed visitors to the first SMK Fridays event of the year. The museum was filled with concert installations and a rather special flute performance.

SMK Fridays #10

SMK Fridays: Close your eyes and listen
"Close your eyes and listen” was the mantra chosen for the evening of 14th November because this instalment of SMK Fridays events, the last of the season, was all about sound art.

SMK Fridays #9

SMK Fridays
SMK invited to a mini concert with Future 3, art talks between artworks of Hammershøi and live radio of The Lake.

SMK Fridays #8

Opening of Copenhagen's new museum garden and SMK Fridays
The SMK and the City of Copenhagen invited to the opening of Copenhagen’s new museum garden. We brought music and drinks out into the open air as we presented our garden party edition of SMK Fridays.

SMK Fridays #7

SMK Fridays: Kunsten er queer
Art got queered when the SMK invited to queer tango, queer-themed films, and a queer DJ set. You could also experience the multi-faceted artist Goodiepal live on the SMK’s Fazioli grand piano.

SMK Fridays #6

SMK Fridays: Death and the picture
This night we stayed open until late and ented the night in an atmosphere where music, literature, and art met and mingle. This SMK Fridays focused on death and the relation between art and death.

SMK Fridays #5

SMK Fridays: Jorn and and table football
This SMK Fridays focued on a real art rebel: Asger Jorn. You could feast your eyes on art that pulls no punches in the exhibition Asger Jorn – Restless Rebeland play table football on a hexagonal table created in accordance with Asger Jorn’s directions.

SMK Fridays #4

SMK Fridays feat. FROST
On 7 February 2014 SMK Fridays focused on performance art and music performances. SMK had teamed up with the music festival FROST, who had curated this evening’s concerts and music.

SMK Fridays #3

This night you could graze on simple food in the Sculpture Street, listen to artist talks within the exhibitions, create pieces of art at our creative workshop and enjoy music played by that evening’s artist-DJ.

SMK Fridays #2

What happens when jazz and poety are combined? The night SMK Fridays explored the relation between words, music and art.

SMK Fridays #1

Friday the 20 September 2013 the SMK invited to SMK Fridays. For the first time you could experience the SMK with an extra dash of Friday night fun! This night focused on philosophy, drinks, talks, art, street kitchens, and music at the SMK.

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