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Art School for children

A girl in the workshops.

A girl in the workshops.

Every year children are invited to join SMK's Art School.

The Art School gives you the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of the fine art, learn about techniques and materials and experiment and use your imagination

We begin during calendar week 36 of 2013 and end during calendar week 21 of 2014. We also take time off during school holiday periods, i.e. spring holidays (calendar week 42), Christmas holidays, winter break (week 7) and Easter break.

Price for the 2013-2014 academic year: DKK 2500.

Please contact the Gallery's booking on Ph +4525527176 during daytime hours from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM or e-mail

Course 1
9-12 year old, tuesdays 2.45-4.30 PM

Artist: Suzette Gemzøe

Course 2
6-8 year old, tuesday 2.45-4.30 PM

Artist: Hanne Ravn Hermansen

Course 3
6-8 year old,wednesdays 2.45-4.30 PM

Artist: Carina Zunino

Course 4
12-16 year old, wednesdays 3-4.45 PM

Artist: Suzette Gemzøe

Course 5
6-8 year old, thursdays 2.45-4.30 PM

Artist: Suzette Gemzøe

Course 6
9-12 year old, thursdays 2.45-4.30 PM

Artist: Karen Land Hansen

Course 7
9-12 year old, fridays 2.15-4.00 PM

Artist: Marlene Hartman

Course 8
6-8 year old, fridays 2.15-4.00 PM

Artist: Birgitte Lund

Note: Number of participants at each course 18.

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