Children's birthday parties at the SMK

Throw a different kind of birthday party at the SMK. Here, the birthday child and friends can unleash their imagination and explore their creativity.

At the SMK you can give themed birthday parties tailored to suit your needs. First we will explore 700 years of art, covering the very old as well as the most recent works in the SMK collections.

Once you have gathered plenty of inspiration in the exhibitions, it is time to enter the workshop. Here, the birthday child and friends can all unleash their imaginations by drawing, painting, sculpting in clay and building sculptures.

What will we be doing?
You will be taken on a tour of selected works from the SMK collections, which span 700 works of art –  the works will be selected and presented with children in mind. Then you will unleash your creativity in our Workshop. You can choose from eight themes for the day's activities: Kings, queens and princesses, Fantasy, Gods and heroes/heroines, Animals and nature, Portraits, Action painting/ experiments, Hand in hand – communities and Once upon a time – fairytales.

How long will it last?
The birthday activities have a total duration of two hours.

How much does it cost?
A children's birthday party at the SMK costs DKK 1900.
Parties hosted in languages other than Danish costs DKK 2000.

How many children can we take along?
You can invite up to 28 children and 6 adults.

You are welcome to bring candy, cake and lemonade along to the Workshop. You can also go to our visitors' lunchroom (Spisestuen) after the birthday activities have ended and continue your celebration on your own with food and beverages that you bring along yourselves.

Celebrate your child's birthday at the SMK
If you wish to host a children's birthday party at the SMK, please contact our Booking department:
T: (+45) 33748484

Any questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact our Booking department with any questions you may have.

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