Are you crazy about games? You’ve come to the right place!

Here you can hit the ghost of Wilhelm Freddie with forks, get the Staining Seagull to colour the white statues, save pictures from natural catastrophe, create your own surreal Danish sentences and a lot more.

Break it away!

The Staining Seagull

Game: The Staining Seagull
Help the Staining Seagull paint all the statues in the Royal Collection of Plaster Casts with his colourful poo.

Cadavre Exquis

Game: Cadavre Exquis
Play a funny little word game, inspired by the methods and ideas of the surrealists.

Stick the Fork in Your Eye!

Game: Stick the Fork in Your Eye

Stick the fork in the eye of the ghost of Wilhelm Freddie!

Nicolai Abildgaard

Game: Abildgaard - Revolution Embodied
Try to find the points from which, one guesses, Abildgaard drew The Wounded Philoctetes.

Nature Strikes Back

Game: Nature Strikes Back
Help Hanne and Henrik save the paintings from drowning!

Get creative at home

Get creative at home
Watch tiny films for inspiration, and learn more about shapes, colors and perspective.