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Nicolai Abildgaard – Revolution Embodied

In Rome, artists sometimes played a game with the following rules: Draw 5 randomly positioned dots on a piece of paper, and then draw a human body from these dots. Often, the result was a body in an extreme position. We know that Abildgaard did participate in such games, but we don't know for certain if this 5 point model is actually the foundation of works as "Den sårede Filoktet" and "Adrastos".

Play the game and try to find the points from which, one guesses, Abildgaard drew ”Den sårede Filoktet”.

It is, unfortunately, no longer possible to win a poster.

Director and Designer: Louise Bruun-Gazelleh
Producer: Mathilde Schytz Juul
Programmer: Niels Bjerg

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Updated: 26.apr.2018
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