Workshops for children

Get inspired with clay, paper, cloth, paint, pencils, glue guns and paint brushes, and create your own works of art in our workshops.


At SMK students and teachers can experience 700 years of art. Through courses you can delve into historical periods, examine a particular theme and go across time and arts - from the 1300-century and right up till today.

We offer fixed courses and course descriptions - with thematic and periodic focus' in the museum's collections and exhibitions. The courses have professional goals and content based on teacher plans, test procedures and interviews with teachers and students.

Nurseries and kindergartens


We offer a 1-hour session with a workshop visit and self-guided visit for nurseries, childcare centres and after-school centres.

Storytelling is the focus, when the children will be introduced to an artist who will then work with them in the workshop.

Elementary school

Elementary school

We offer education courses, where the main focus is the collections and the exhibition of the museum.

You can participate in workshops and try to work with traditional and digital medias.


You are always welcome to contact us, if you:

  • have questions
  • want to order an education course
  • want to visit the museum on your own, as a group
  • want professional sparring and guidance in selecting courses

Phone 3374 8484
Monday - Friday 11.00-14.00

Our bookers are all students of the aesthetic subjects.

High school, HF, HHX, VUC

High school

We offer educationcourses, where the art of the museum will be explored.

You can also participate in workshop activities, where you can try to paint and work with photography, sound and video.