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En gruppe elever og en museumsunderviser ser på Joakim Skovgaards maleri Kristus i de dødes rige fra 1891-94.

Children studying the painting Christ in the realm of death by Joakim Skovgaard.

Pre-confirmation workshops

Between life and death

One element of religion is the assumption of a perspective on actual life. We take a close look at existential themes that many artists have worked with over the course of time, and try to set these in relation to our own lives and everyday experiences. By utilising art that deals with happiness and sorrow, day-to-day life, love and celebration, we focus on the role of religion and spiritual reflection in modern times.

In this workshop we work with painting and collage based on the works viewed.

Duration: 1 hour | 2 hours
Price: 450 DKK | 750 DKK

Narratives of the Bible

Many of the artworks at the National Gallery of Denmark involve depictions and interpretation of the stories of Christianity. This session deals with the connection between narrative and image, and how one can understand art’s relationship to some of the most important stories in Christianity. We look at depictions from the Old and New Testaments as well as some of the so-called apocryphal narratives not included in the Bible that we read today.

In this workshop we work with perspective in painting, and the many narratives contained in these works.

Duration: 1 hour | 2 hours
Price: 450 DKK | 750 DKK

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