I forbindelse med projektet gipSMK blev der skabt en danseforestilling. SMK-foto: Frida Gregersen.


In the project gipSMK the concept of an exhibition was taken to the test by letting users choose works of art for an exhibition and for an inspiration on their work.

A select group of users were invited to act as curators and select works of art from the Royal Cast Collection: The dancers at Dansehallerne and Dansescenen chose sculptures that were then moved to their own address at Carlsberg, where the dancers could interact directly with the art works. Classes from the two highschools, Gefion Gymnasium and Sankt Annæ Gymnasium chose works of art for their school classrooms.

The chosen casts: Sankt Annæ Gymnasium

Sankt Annæ Gymnasium

Sankt Annæ Gymnasium chose their casts from the five senses

Gefion Gymnasium

Casts chosen by Gefion Gymnasium

The Royal Cast Collection

The collection was founded in 1896 as part of the collections at the National Gallery of Denmark.

Vestindisk Pakhus
Toldbodgade 40
DK-1253 København K


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The chosen casts: Dansehallerne


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