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gipSMK – The Royal Cast Collection goes to town

What: Users with a special interest in art choose sculptures from the Royal Cast Collection, and these sculptures are then placed in those public settings where the users do their training and studying. This marks a break with the usual practices, where curators decide what to put on display, and so the process related to the sculptures becomes more active and creative.

Why: In the name of democracy

  • Because we would like to allow for participation
  • Because expert knowledge should be used actively in ongoing processes
  • Because we want to show what goes on "behind the scenes"
  • Because we want to support creative processes.

How: Each group chooses 5 sculptures out of the more than 2000 sculptures in the collection:

Gefion Gymnasium at The Royal Cast Collection

In the project gipSMK the National Gallery of Denmark take the concept of an exhibition to the test by letting users choose works of art for an exhibition and for an inspiration on their work.

A select group of users are invited to act as curators and select works of art from the Royal Cast Collection. These will be the pivot point of a social process: The dancers at Dansehallerne and Dansescenen will choose sculptures that are then moved from the collection to their own address at Carlsberg, where the dancers can interact directly with the art works. Classes from the two gymnasiums (hihgschools), Gefion Gymnasium and Sankt Annæ Gymnasium will choose works of art for their school classrooms.

The process of choosing the casts are discussed and documented here on the museum website and on Facebook, where everyone is welcome to join the debate about the choice of art works during fall 2011.

The project gipSMK is founded in the ongoing research on the social and democratic responsibility of museums.

The project runs from the end of October 2011 to mid January 2012. By the end of June 2012 the art works must return to The Royal Cast Collection.

Key dates:

14. November. Works are transported to Dansehallerne
9. December. Works are transported to Skt Annæ Gym
9. January. Works are transported to Gefion Gym

29. February: Open seminar on gipSMK at the National Gallery, 5-8 pm. Booking here

From these dates the three exhibitions rund until the end of June 2012.

395.000 DKK (ca. 71.000 $ / 52.000 Euro)

Danish Heritage Foundation

Henrik Holm (Curator)

Copyright: Erik Møller Arkitekter

Dansens Hus: Copenhagen Contemporary Dance SchoolDansehallerne
Sankt Annæ Gymnasium
Gefion Gymnasium
Carlsberg Ejendomme

Sankt Annæ Gymnasium
Gefion Gymnasium
Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School
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