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Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School

Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School have chosen the following works:


Arch-angel Gabriel, ”smirking angel”, cast form 1903 from original at the Cathedral of Bamberg, ca. 1340.

“An angel not looking like one. Is he evil?”
“Has he a hidden secret?"


”The metal pig”, copy after a Hellenistic sculpture from the 3rd century BC in Florence.

“Animal strength, beautiful tension.”
“Like a mythical god from the forest”
“Larger than life, like it’s the spirit of the animal, not only the actual animal.”


Seneca dying, copy after Hellenistic original at the Louvre.

“Young body with the wrinkles of a young man.”
“He’s dying, but full of strength.”
“A contrast to dancer’s law that you should not be old.”


Mary with the dead Christ, kopi from 2002 made from the original by Michelangelo from 1564 in Castello Sforzesco called “The Rondanini Pieta”.

“Being unfinished with the arm unattached to the left leaves space for interpretation.”
“It has abstract qualities”

Torso of a young man, copy from 1990 after the ”Niobides” a classic, Greek sculpture group from ca. 430 BC in the Staatlische Museen, Berlin.

“A broken man. I would not dare to touch this sculpture.”
“The missing parts open up for an interpretation.”
“What if you could only move the parts of the body left in the sculpture?”

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