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Sankt Annæ Gymnasium have chosen the following works:


Amazone med venstre arm på pille, Sciarra-typen.


The group that had the sense of smell as an inspiration, said: "She's smelling her armpit ..."

The original: Germany, Berlin, Staatliche Museen
Provenance/finding place: Italy, Rome, Vicolo di S. Nicolo di Tolentino 1869 
Artist(s): Kresilas, Ca. 450 B.C. - 420 B.C. 
Authenticity: Attributed to Kresilas? 
Date: Roman copy from Greek, classic. Ca. 430 B.C. 
Technique: Marble


Boxer, sitting. Portrait or mythological figure


The group that had the sense of vision as an inspiration, said: "His eyes are missing, but he's sitting there looking at something, he turns his head to see it"

The original: Italien, Rome, Museo Nazionale Romano 
Provenance/finding place: Italy, Rome, Via Nazionale 1884 
Artist(s): none 
Date: Greek, hellenistic 199-001 B.C.
Technique: Bronze


Seated, lyre-playing muse. Terpsichore


The group that had the sense of hearing as an inspiration, said: "Very obvious: She's playing the harpe ..."

The original: Vatican, Museo Pio Clementino
Provenance/findeing place: Italy, Tivoli, Villa di Cassio 1774 
Artist(s): None
Date: Roman 2. century 
Technique: Marble

Torso of seated nude man, Ajax(?). Torso Belvedere


The group who had the sense of taste as an inspiration, said: "The figure was part of the good taste in art. It looks as if someone has eaten off him ... he is eaten up by the good taste."

The original: Vatican, Museo Pio Clementino 
Provenance/findeing place: Italien, Rome, Palazzo Colonna 15. century 
Artist(s)): None
Authenticity: Roman copy of Apollonius, son of Nestor
Date: Greek, hellenistic, 1.century B.C.

(kopi 2)

Two wrestlers in a fight


The group who had the sense of touch as an inspiration, said: "The arm all twisted ... ouch ..."

The original: Italien, Firenze, Galleria d. Uffizi
Provenance/finding place: Italien, Rome, v. Porta S. Giovanni 1583 
Artist(s): None
Date: Roman copy from Greek hellenistic, 3. century B.C. 
Technique: Marble

See also a copy in Ørstedsparken, Copenhagen

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