Audio guide

Enter Asger Jorn’s world.

The audio guide features curators and experts talking about Asger Jorn’s many original and radical ideas, which were expressed in his books and in his art.

How to use the audio guide

The audio guide was made specifically for the exhibition Asger Jorn – Restless Rebel. You can listen to it as a single, continuous narrative or you can dip into it as you please, stopping and starting the soundtrack as you go.

Click here to listen to the audio guide on your telephone

Borrow an iPod and earphones

You are welcome to borrow an iPod from the museum’s Information desk and listen to the audio guide there. You are also very welcome to borrow headphones from the Information desk for use with your own device. All that we ask is that you return them when you are done.

Listen to the audio guide here:

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Updated: 22.mar.2017
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