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The film shows the encounter between sculpture and the person drawing. The draughtsmen are a mixture between professional artists and laymen. The film illustrates how the meeting between sculpture and draughtsman is always personal. The sculptures may be static, but the response to sculpture is always full of variety.

Paper, pencils, erasers, and pencil sharpeners are available for your use in the shelf. Here, you can also see this month’s featured drawing; to have your own drawing take part in the competition to be drawing of the month, hand it in at the shelf.

Drawing hones our sense of observation. Drawing connects us more closely to that which we seek to understand. Drawing encourages us to select with care. Drawing produces an excellent feel for shadow, surface, texture, and for the relationship between them.

The sculptures in this room have animals or the relationship between animals and human beings as their subject matter. For your inspiration, you can find drawings of animals made by other artists in the shelf drawers.

Anne-Marie Carl Nielsen: Centaur Boy, 1902.

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