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L.A. Ring – From the Threshold

Danish Art 1880-1910

L.A. Ring,  After sunset, 1899

Thresholds are a key theme within Laurits Andersen Ring’s art. These include landscapes with roads, where the road signifies the difference between the near and the far, and the potential for moving from one place to another – the path of life.

L.A. Ring,  Dath and the Old Woman, 1887

The Stages of Life

In his figure paintings the threshold motif primarily concerns two circles of subject matter or stages of life: The young and their expectations concerning the onset of adult life, and the old and the fear and hesitation they experience on the verge of crossing the definitive limit: The end of life itself.

On the Threshold to Modernity

Ring’s motifs are heavily imbued with the great changes to fundamental existential conditions that heralded modern life. Anchored in tradition, yet attuned to modern sensibilities he embraces the old and new worlds equally, sharing his fate and artistic mode of expression with a range of the most significant Danish artists and writers of the period such as Ejnar Nielsen, Hammershøi, and J.P. Jacobsen.

L.A. Ring, The Painter in the Village, 1897.

L.A. Ring, The Painter in the Village, 1897.

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