Literary interpretation by Julia Butcshkow

Listen to Julia Butschkow’s short story about Louis XIV as you stand in front of the work that inspired the writer. The French court of the 18th century was a place teeming with intrigue and repressed emotion. This short story offers a take on how it was experienced through the eyes of one of its main characters.

The short story Requiem offers a point of entry into the wealth of stories a painting can hold if you unleash your imagination.
Taking her point of departure in a French 18th century painting the young Danish writer Julia Butschow has written the short story Requiem. It relates tales of life at the French court with all its intrigues and repressed emotions as experienced through the eyes of a very young Louis XIV.

The short story plays around with time and space and provides a point of entry for the plethora of stories that a painting can hold.

© The writer Julia Butschkow. Photo Robin Skjoldborg

Listen to the short story

Listen to the short story here or listen to Julia Butschow reading Requiem as you stand before the work of art that inspired it.

The painting
Julia chose the work Saint Vincent de Paul at the Deathbed of Louis XIII from 1731 by the painter de Troy. The painting is one of the most dramatic works in the room.

Why Julia Butschow?
Julia Butschkow was elected to write this story because of her ability to fuse fiction with fact and to poignantly capture all the things that may lurk beneath the surface of normality. Her skills are evident in e.g. her latest collection of short stories Der er ingen bjerge i Danmark (There are no Mountains in Denmark) 2011.

Jean Francois de Troy, St. Vincent de Paul at the Deathbed of Louis XIII, 1731

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Hej Richard. Mange tak for din kommentar. Dejligt, at du havde en god lytteoplevelse. God sommer!
Venlig hilsen Astrid Wiik/Digital Kommunikationsmedarbejder
  • Astrid
  • 30-06-14 16:15
Jag satt och lyssnade på den här berättelsen och den var så fin och skön att lyssna på. Berättarrösten har en sån härlig mjuk danska.
  • Richard Bergquist
  • 27-06-14 21:10
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