Manet's Goya. Prints

22 August  18 January 2015

Rampaging bulls, horrific executions, and a strong dose of acid satire. The SMK explores how the French artist Édouard Manet was inspired by the Spanish painter Francisco Goya. Witness the work of two of art history’s greatest stars in a new exhibition of prints

Bold innovators

The exhibition Manet’s Goya. Prints focuses on the visible impact of Francisco Goya (1746 – 1828) on Édouard Manet (1832 – 1883), and on the mutual interest in war, bullfighting, and satire that binds them together.

Each in their own way, Manet and Goya were both bold innovators in art history. Goya was driven by a belief in the ideals of the Enlightenment era. With his art, Manet wanted to present realistic rendition of "la vie moderne".  Almost a century separates the two artists, who both worked against the grain of the prevailing art ideals of their own day.

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Executions and bullfights

Neither Manet nor Goya flinch away from depicting the truly horrific. This is evident in e.g. the artists’ depictions of cruel executions and keen eye for bullfighting as theatre. Goya and Manet are both fascinated by the forces unleashed in the arena.

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Biting satire

Manet and Goya share a predilection for satire. With their portraits and acerbic caricatures they mercilessly lambasted the high and the low of their own day and age. From old women with vain daughters to carnivalesque figures, prostitutes, and even the president of the French Republic.

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FILM: The war photographer

FILM: The war photographer

The war photographer Jan Grarup talks about the duality inherent in Manet and Goya’s images: To be standing in the midst of war, trying to convey its horrors in pictures.

Great art on paper

Most of the artworks in the exhibition come from the Royal Collection of Graphic Art – the SMK’s collection of art on paper. The Royal Collection of Graphic Art is home to more than 240,000 works. The collection covers a wide range of art, from 15th century art to Modernist works right up to works by the most recent contemporary artists.

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Admission fees

Admission:  DKK 55
Young people under 27: DKK 45

Practical information


About Goya and Manet

About Goya and Manet

Who were Éduard Manet and Francisco Goya?

Cruel executions and bullfighting as theatre

Executions and bullfights

Goya and Manet do not flinch away from picturing the truly horrific.

Biting satire

Biting satire

Goya and Manet do not flinch when picturing the truly horrific