Jeppe Hein: Invisible Maze

10 June - 27 October 2006

Invisible Maze
The emptiness awaiting visitors to the x-rummet at Statens Museum for Kunst was deceptive. A visual deceit which warned us that the artist suspended and disabled our favourite sensory tool, the sense of sight.

Photo: Karsten Weirup

Photo: Karsten Weirup

Virtual walls
Like the proverbial mad inventor, Jeppe Hein had created an invisible maze that only materialised as we moved around in it. Visitors were equipped with a set of digital headphones operated by infrared rays that caused them to vibrate every time you bumped into one of the maze's virtual walls. Thus, the exhibition was perceived as a both minimalist and spectacular playground which abolished traditional rituals and conditions applying to exhibition venues, art audiences, and works of art.

Photo: Claire Moreux & Olivier Huz

Photo: Claire Moreux & Olivier Huz

Inspiration from historic labyrinths
The maze in x-rummet changed from day to day, inviting visitors to make repeat visits. The maze structure spanned a total of six different variants, all of them referring to authentic labyrinths from our common cultural history. From the famous medieval labyrinth in Chartres to Stanley Kubrick's fateful dead end from the film The Shining to the video game Pac-Man.

Main sponsor of x-rummet

Exhibition sponsor: Montana

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