Ann Lislegaard

”Crystal World” 24 February – 5 August 2007

Crystal World
A suggestive and silent journey through a transparent, abandoned hotel in a slowly crystallising dense wilderness. There are traces of a catastrophe. Water is forcing its way through the architecture displacing chairs, tables, lamps, beds and bookshelves. In the installation Crystal World (after J.G. Ballard) the Norwegian born artist Ann Lislegaard investigated the possibility of creating an alternative reality. A new structure challenging our usual preconceptions of time and place.

During the resent years, Ann Lislegaard (b. 1962) has distinguished herself on both the Danish and international art scene. In her video installations, photography and 3D-animations, Lislegaard examines how the surrounding world influences our consciousness, our gender and our self-image.

A catalogue entitled Crystal World published for the exhibition in Danish and English. The catalogue is available in the museum bookshop while stock lasts.

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© Ann Lislegaard

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