"L.A. Ring. On the Edge of the World"

2. September 2006 - 7. January 2007

It was a pleasure to present one of the most important Danish artists active around1900: L.A Ring. His paintings are breathtaking - we almost feel we are there ourselves - and they contain something universally human that still touches us today.

A Great Danish Painter
The Danish Realist and Symbolist painter Laurits Andersen Ring (1854-1933) is a prominent figure in Danish art. The multifaceted and comprehensive selection of works in the exhibition prepares the ground for a re-evaluation of his art.

Born in the Village Ring
L.A. Ring was born into a smallholder family in the village of Ring in Southern Zealand. As an artist he never distanced himself from his humble background, but made simple living a central theme in his painting.

Ring is the Danish artist who has given the best description the great changes in the world of art and society taking place in the decade around the year 1900. The upheaval can be seen everywhere. Often as a restless search for something different and perhaps more meaningful. Split between the old world and the new world, Ring tells about the joys and sorrows of his life.

Meeting the Modern World
In Ring’s landscapes and figure pictures the introvert, Symbolist view is turned outwards to meet the modern world. But the world is not all that it appears to be. With oblique angles, strange cropping and an ability to convey moods Ring’s pictures tell about much more than the visible reality.

In Ring’s works man is often in a transitory zone - on thresholds - at a garden gate, a window, a railway crossing, or on a road. It may be a young girl who is entering adulthood, or an old one who is close to death. In spite of the distance in time, L.A. Ring’s wrestling with human existence - the nomadic restlessness, the revolutionary dreams of youth, love, deep depressions, death and the clearsightedness and wisdom of old age - is still relevant to us. It is a life and oeuvre which relates to everybody.

The exhibition was donated by OAK FOUNDATION DENMARK

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