Melchior Lorck, Portræt af Frederik II, 1582

Melchior Lorck, Portræt af Frederik II, 1582

About Melchior Lorck

Lorck was born in Flensburg, then belonging to the Danish king.

Apprenticed as a goldsmith and artist in Lübeck. Journeys in the Baltic States, Scandinavia and Germany.

Educational journeys in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands financed by the Danish king, Christian III.

Employed by the Holy Roman Emperor, who sent Lorck to Turkey.

In Turkey from the end of 1555 to the summer of 1559.

Worked in different places in Europe.

Court artist in Denmark under Frederik II.

We do not know when Lorck died. The last extant works we have are, surprisingly enough, some sketches of people from the Gold Coast in West Africa. Did he die there on his final journey?

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