Gerard Byrne

The exhibition "Related Works" by Gerard Byrne was shown 5 April - 28 September 2008

Still fra Gerard Byrne, *ZAN - *185 r.1, 2007 ©

Still fra Gerard Byrne, *ZAN - *185 r.1, 2007 ©

With his exhibition "Related Works", Irish Gerard Byrne located x-rummet right in the heart of the permanent collection, and extended it through three rooms (206, 207, 208), so that his art was seen in relation to the other works of the Museum.

Gerard Byrne (b. 1969) is concerned with the way time, history and meaning are created. In his works, he often focuses on how history is a temporary construction which is continually being re-created. Nothing is static and everything exists in time. This theme is addressed in different ways, and finds expression in the many layers of his works.

The exhibition consisted of the video installation *ZAN- *T185 r. 1, as well as four works specially created for the exhibition: the photographs A Young Woman Contemplating a Skull, The Reverse of a Framed Painting and The Earth after the Fall of Man and the video Temporally Removed.

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