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KRISTUS OCH JUDAS: A STRUCTURAL CONCEIT (a performance in three parts)

The exhibition "KRISTUS OCH JUDAS: A STRUCTURAL CONCEIT (a performance in three parts) by Mike Nelson was shown 30 August 2008 - 3 January 2010

The internationally acknowledged English installation artist Mike Nelson (b. 1967) occupies x-rummet with a new and hyperrealistic total installation,

The installation transformed a whole floor of the Museum into a labyrinthine and replicated series of rooms with references to a theatrical environment, complete with stage, dressing rooms, ticket office and blind alleys.

The observer where presented with a total installation, which related to the Museum both in its function as an exhibition institution and also to the history of the building itself. The way Mike Nelson did this amazed and confused the observer all at the same time; the observer probably got disoriented by moving through a constructed, three-dimensional fictive representation of reality.

About the title
The title of Mike Nelson’s total installation referred to the short story Tres versiones de Judas (Three Versions of Judas) by the Argentinean author Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986). The story is about a Swedish theologian called Niels Runeberg, who is said to have advanced a theory that Judas was in fact the Messiah.

In the construction of his installation, Mike Nelson takes Borges’ story as his starting point. When we approached it from the back we got some idea as to how it was constructed. However, the installation tricked you. The construction of the rear side was just as much a construction as the front. In this installation, two parts of the construction were mirror images of each other. This mirroring of figures indicates how opposites like the real and the constructed or Jesus and Judas are interdependent and come to life through each other.

The performance in three parts, which the title also refers to, points to the three rooms of the installation, and to the observer as a performer in the work. This is underlined by the references to both the stage and the theatre which were found in the structure and in the interior.

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