Om Øivind Nygård

Øivind Nygård. Photo: Viggo Rivad

Øivind Nygård. Photo: Viggo Rivad

Øivind Nygård is born in Norway in 1948, but lives and works in Copenhagen.

Øivind Nygård has exhibited at home and abroad. He is represented in several museums and has carried out several decorations for public spaces. Øiving Nygård has also occupied a great number of honorary offices in Danish art life.


1948 Born in Norway
1973-77 Educated at Danmarks Designskole, the Institutes of Furniture and Industrial Design
1977-83 Educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art
1988 The Danish Arts Foundation’s 3-year working scholarship
1990-97 Senior lecturer and head of the Foundation Course at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art
1993 – 1998 Member of The Academy Council’s Committee on Ecclesiastical Art
2002 Awarded The Danish Arts Foundation’s perpetual grant

Awarded the Eckersberg Medal
Chairman of Committee on Visual Art and member of The Danish Arts Council

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