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"Virtual Moves" in u.l.k. Art Labs
18 January – 11 March 2008

Foto: Sachiko Hayashi

Foto: Sachiko Hayashi

”VIRTUAL MOVES” was the title chosen for Tagging Art’s experimental art project, which invited nine artists from Denmark and abroad to enter the virtual world known as Second Life. Here, they investigated the virtual universe and its uses as a platform for education, art, and culture. At the same time they created works of art within Second Life, incorporating them into a range of exhibitions, and some of the works also took on physical form in the u.l.k. exhibition rooms. ”VIRTUAL MOVES” was experienced through a so-called avatar in Second Life, allowing visitors to access the exhibition from their own home – or, of course, from the u.l.k.

18. januar - 29. januar
Mogens Jacobsen
Sachiko Hayashi

1. februar - 12. februar
Ida Grøn
Linda Hilfling
Kristoffer Gansing

15. februar - 26. februar

Nis Rømer
Jan Northoft

29. februar - 11. marts
Annette Finnsdottir
Maria Lavman Vetö

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