Kirsten Ortwed: Full Length

Sculptur of the Year at the National Gallery of Denmark

14 June 2008 - 3 May 2009

Kirsten Ortwed: Full Length

© Kirsten Ortwed: Full Length

Kirsten Ortwed
The exhibition Full Length emphasised the sculptor Kirsten Ortwed as one of Denmarks's most important sculptors. Kirsten Ortwed (b. 1948) has garnered great international acclaim for her work through the years, e.g. her striking sculptures and decoration work in public spaces.

What is a sculpture?
Over the past thirty years Ortwed has experimented with what a sculpture is and how it is created. Her use of materials ranges from pre-fabricated elements and industrial products to conventional materials like bronze and plaster. She often combines the materials in contradictory and surprising ways.

Shape, volume and space
Thus, the works of art are about the relationship between shape, volume and space, about building up and breaking down, and about the potential of the material and the artist’s work with it. The relationship between sculpture and material is often highly unpredictable, encompassing and separating out the surrounding space at one and the same time.

From the 1970es till 2009
As "Sculptor of the Year” Kirsten Ortwed took possession of the Sculpture Street and adjoining rooms with a rich selection of works from the 1970es to the lastest work Full Length from 2008. This large-scale bronze work was created especially for the Sculptor Street.

The exhibition is supported by Hermod Lannung Museum Foundation and The Augustinus Foundation.

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