Reality Check

6 September 2008 - 4 Januar 2009

Reality Check
The autumn’s large-scale special exhibition at Statens Museum for Kunst was the most comprehensive presentation of contemporary art in the history of The Danish National Gallery to date. 39 leading international artists turned both the museum and reality upside down in the exhibition covering more than 3,000 m².

Return to the Real
The exhibition gave very precise insights into recent art, also bringing in individual older artists who have been forerunners in various ways of the extended concept of art which is prevalent today. The many works comprised all genres from painting and sculpture to installation, photography and video, as well as combinations of them. From works on a tiny scale to gigantic manifestations. There were minute recreations of real rooms, unflinching self-portraits, spectacular interactive installations and tough documentarism. There was the aging DJ Willy, a bike ride on LSD, moving exhibition rooms and a flying steamroller.

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