Enrique Metinides, Uden titel, 1962-1985. Leif Djurhuus Collection, København

Enrique Metinides, Untitled, 1962-1985

Documents tragedies
The Mexican photographer Enrique Metinides documents tragedies from Mexico City and its surroundings. The photographs were intended for a documentary frame in the form of newspapers. Enrique Metinides received instantaneous information about accidents from the police and rescue services over a special radio frequency, and so could document them before the victims were covered up, and reality once again resumed its normal appearance.

Grisly and lovely
There are no titles to the works. There is instead an accompanying text explaining the prehistoryof the motif. The photographs are grisly but also lovely on account of the almost classical beauty of the compositions. This raises the photographs beyond our normal expectations of this pictorial genre and of photographs with a commercial value in the tabloid press.

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