Bouncing Pranks

10 September 2009 - 1 August 2010

A land of adventure between art and play

At the exhibition Bouncing Pranks, the youngest museum guests (ages 1-6) explored the world of art using their entire body. Whether they took to the “super mattress", “tentacle forest”, or the “board”, they were sure to experience a unique entryway into the world of art.

With references to Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter and the Wizard of Oz, the Museum’s youngest guests could romp through art installations and use the power of the body to become a part of the art. The elements in the exhibition were designed to encourage fantasy play and instil in young children the idea that the Museum is not only for adults. Dream consultants Karl Stampes and Esben Brandt Møller were behind the exhibition. The exhibition presented:

The Super Mattress

An upholstered mattress with blue and white stripes in size XXXXL forms the setting for an interactive jumping fortress, where the smallest children can become one with the mobile mega-bed. On the mattress there is a (perhaps) living rag doll made of felt and fabric, with which the children can jump around. The mattress invites one to jump, do somersaults, roll around and play. The installation can also function as a place to rest and of course a place for dreams and ideas to unfold.

Chalk board and foam rubber thingies

An enormous chalk board winds its way from the floor up the wall. Here the children can use big pieces of chalk to write on both floor and wall. There are large sponges to make a clean slate or just to stand on if you are not so tall.

Tentacle forest

Tentacle means ventilation hose. And in the Bouncing Prank's universe, it turns into something alive, something to climb up and down using invisible vacuum cleaners at the top. Here the children can try to reach the hoses just to observe them, while the hoses move through space.

All in all, Bouncing Pranks was an exhibition that acted as an oasis for young children. This was where inner adventures as a hose hunter, mattress tamer, or chalk artist could unfold.

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