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It has to be this way²

22 May - 26 September 2010

It has to be this way² Film still. © Lindsay Seers and Matt’s Gallery London, 2010

It has to be this way² (film still) © Lindsay Seers and Matt’s Gallery London, 2010

The mystery surrounding her stepsister's disapperance
Lindsay Seers seeks to unravel the mystery surrounding the strange disappearance of her stepsister Christine Parkes who suffered memory loss following a moped accident in Rome. Taking her point of departure for It has to be this way² in old letters, her stepsister’s notes, her mother’s memories and a box of photographs, Lindsay Seers sets out to find the truth.

From Rome to Ghana
Lindsay Seers traced Christine’s footsteps to Rome, where her research formed the basis for the installation It has to be this way shown at Matt’s Gallery in 2009. In this new work, the artist’s investigations take her to Ghana where she, like Christine before her, travels in colonial costume with a video camera hidden in her military hat.

Traumas of the Gold Coast and the family
She visits the slave fortresses scattered along the former Gold Coast, built hundreds of years ago by European colonisers and privateers including the British and Danish. The trauma of the country’s complex colonial past and the muted history of slavery become intermingled with Seers’ own traumatic family history, which involves not only the mystery of her missing stepsister but also her stepfather’s participation in diamond smuggling.

About the artist
The British artist Lindsay Seers' work for the x-room is an installation combining film and architecture. Seers bases her work on archival research, investigations into photographic and filmic technologies and on historic events and artefacts, but alongside this ‘rational’ approach her work is equally governed by the pursuit of chance procedures and connections. She often lets others make selections from material that will determine the development of her work.

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