Nicolai Abildgaard: Revolution Embodied
29 August 2009 - 24 January 2010

Revolution, absolute monarchy, serfdom, with the revolt against hierarchies, human rights, censorship and freedom of expression. The end of the 1700s was a turbulent period in which many of the ideas that constitute the foundation of our modern society took shape. Nicolai Abildgaard’s works encapsulate all these radical changes and more. Through depiction of the body, he expresses the upheaval of his time, the uproar that reached into every nook of society. His uproar was not only artistic, but also political.

The grand finale
The exhibition was the third in a series after exhibitions at the Louvre in Paris and Hamburger Kunsthalle. The Body in Uproar at the National Gallery of Denmark was the largest to date and showed a wide selection of Abildgaard’s production, spanning many media types.

Five themes
The exhibition was divided into five themes. We followed Abildgaard through these themes from his early years in Rome, through his work for the royal palace, to his literary and political interests, and finally ending in the private.

Abildgaard online
Click on the links below to be taken to the various themes. On the themes page you can see images from the period, read more about Abildgaard, play games, upload your own images and see a selection of Abildgaard’s works. Enjoy!

The Body in Pieces

Body and Power

The Ghost of Tradition

The Body of Revolution

Eroticism, Love and Relief

Facts about Abildgaard

As part of the exhibition at the National Gallery of Denmark, an extensive exhibition catalogue with contributions by researchers from Denmark and beyond is released. The catalogue is released in both Danish and English.

The catalogue is available for purchase in the museum bookstore and costs DKK 299.

CD presenting music from the age of Abildgaard
In collaboration with Naxos Records and the Danish label Dacapo, the National Gallery of Denmark has published a CD with music from the age of Abildgaard. Music by Mozart, Beethoven, Gossec, Dittersdorf and Dupuy can be experienced in connection with works by Abildgaard. The CD is available in the museum shop Arnold Busck and in leading book stores in Denmark.

The exhibition is supported by:

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