Where Abildgaard’s political dreams fail, his private life flourishes in the years after 1799, during which time he meets his second wife, Juliane Marie Ottesen (married Hauch) who is 33 years his junior.

First marriage and the wild life
Abildgaard’s first wife ran off with Swedish chamberlain Reinhard von Eppingen, and a long, drawn-out, and awkward divorce played out under public scrutiny.

During his ten years alone, Abildgaard cultivates his bachelor life, and the circle from Rome recommence their interaction with art and alcohol. Erotic motifs, caricatures of artists and sketches from late night hours with professor Vinter, Copenhagen’s notorious brothel and pub owner, typify both the drawings and the letters that the artist friends exchange during this period.

The works in this section of the exhibition, with few exceptions, were never shown publically in Abildgaard's lifetime.

Take an art break, turn up the music, and experience Abildgaard’s images in an entirely new context.

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