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27. March - 29. August 2010

Dash Snow (1981-2009), without titel (selfportrait), 2008, kks2009-48

© Dash Snow (1981-2009), without titel (selfportrait), 2008

Man Ray (1890-1976), Selfportrait, 1972, kks1979-232.

© Man Ray (1890-1976), Selfportrait, 1972

About the Exhibition

These works are experimental and conceptual, narrative, intimate, and at times transgressive. The Photographs exhibition showcased use of the photographic medium in the graphic arts. It began with the photography collection of the Royal Collection of Graphic Art, which spans the last 50 years with individual works from the 1920s and 1940s.

Five Themes

In this exhibition a wide selection of works was shown, divided into five themes:

The exhibition crossed time and place, which is why some of the works could naturally lend themselves to other themes. The exhibition presented the concept that critical ideas, concepts and strategies at play in the history of art and photography cannot be separated , but are rather dependent on one another.

Unique Art Photography

As the photo collection is part of a graphic arts contextualisation, it has acquired a profile that sets it apart from the collections in photography museums. The art photographers have often cultivated a relationship with the camera that was more free and experimental, but perhaps one that is also more disrespectful, by producing blurred photographs, while the conventional photographers have tended to explore the expressive possibilities of photography in a considerably more stringent way in relation to the medium's own inherent discourse and history.

What artists were included?

Helge Bertram (DK), Niels Bonde (DK), Kaspar Bonnén (DK), Peter Brandes (DK), Stig Brøgger (DK), Claus Carstensen (DK), Tacita Dean (ENG), Olafur Eliasson (DK/ISL), Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset (DK/NO), Sylvie Fleury (SCH), Erik A. Frandsen (DK), Anja Franke (DK), Poul Gernes (DK), Douglas Gordon (ENG), Per Bak Jensen (DK), Kirsten Justesen (DK), Mike Kelley (USA), Joachim Koester (DK), Elke Krystufek, (ØST), Peter Land (DK), Sarah Lucas (ENG), Man Ray (USA), Jonathan Meese (TY), Albert Mertz (DK), Mogens Otto Nielsen (DK), Hermann Nitsch (AT), Lene Adler Petersen (DK), Sigmar Polke (DE), Richard Prince (USA), Jesper Rasmussen (DK), Jytte Rex (DK), Gerhard Richter (DE), Ane Mette Ruge (DK), Ed Ruscha (USA), David Shrigley (ENG), Dash Snow (USA), Erik Steffensen (DK), Alfred Stieglitz (USA), Superflex (DK), William Louis Sørensen (DK), Wolfgang Tillmans (DE), Rosemarie Trockel (DE) og Gitte Villesen (DK).

Kirsten Justesen (b. 1943), Circumstances, 1973.

© Kirsten Justesen (b. 1943), Circumstances, 1973.

Sarah Lucas (b.1962), Self Portraits 1990-1998.

© Sarah Lucas (b.1962), Self Portraits 1990-1998.

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