© Anja Franke (b. 1962), Labotik, 1995

The Idea Made Visible
Conceptual art is based on thoughts, events and processes where form is incorporated into new meanings in the intersection between art and the world’s social, political and philosophical appearance. The act of making the idea visible therefore does not originate primarily from the observations of the eye, but is conditioned by a mental - rather than sensory - insight into the object’s condition.

Art with Rules of Play
One characteristic strategy is the arrangement of anonymous rules of play, where actions and processes are revealed through analysis, systems and registrations in a game between language and the visual. The strategies of conceptual art have acquired great significance and left considerable traces.



© Stig Brøgger (b. 1961), Spray Nevada, 1969

© Stig Brøgger (b. 1961), Spray Nevada, 1969

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