Detail from: Tomás Saraceno, Biospheres, 2009

© Detail from: Tomás Saraceno, Biospheres, 2009

Tomás Saraceno: Biospheres

31 October 2009 - 30 December 2010

The work Biospheres
In the Gallery’s Sculpture Street, the large, glass-covered space between the red and white buildings, you can experience Tomás Saraceno’s floating transparent orbs; the work Biospheres. Several of the spheres contain plant-based ecosystems, while the largest of them invites spectators to step inside.

About the artist
Saraceno originally trained as an architect, and his biospheres can be seen as models representing his vision for alternative types of social spaces and habitats. Taking a metaphorical, poetic approach to serious subjects such as the overpopulation of Earth, environmental issues, and migration, Tomas Saraceno seeks to create a new relation between culture and nature. His works are often based on careful scientific studies of e.g. the formation of clouds, soap bubbles, and the geometric principles of spider webs. Saraceno’s almost Utopian/unearthly sculptures and installations challenge our perception of the environment and the social landscape.

Detail from: Tomás Saraceno, Biospheres, 2009

Detail from: Tomás Saraceno, Biospheres, 2009

In this context Saraceno is particularly interested in airspace (in other, outdoor projects he quite specifically works with the sky), which to him represents a “free” space, a space that is not subject to national restrictions and which still allows for the free movements across borders.

Utopian re-imaginings of the world
Saraceno is an example of an artist who addresses the complex climate issues of the world without applying a nostalgic perspective.  Rather, he wishes to utilise the consequences of the ongoing global changes and technological developments in a positive, Utopian rethinking of the way in which we have organised the world

Want to know more about the exhibition RETHINK Relations?
The exhibition was accompanied by a website which offers background information about the participating artists and the overall themes of the exhibition.

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