Bob Dylan

“I just draw what's interesting to me, and then I paint it. Rows of houses, orchard acres, lines of tree trunks, could be anything. I can take a bowl of fruit and turn it into a life and death drama. I'm not trying to make social comment or fulfil somebody's vision and I can find subject matter anywhere. I guess in some way that comes out of the folk world that I came up in.”

4 September 2010 - 10 April 2011

Bob Dylan ( b. 1941) has recorded his impressions and thoughts while travelling in Brazil, capturing people, events, and places in a plethora of sketches. Back in the US, some of these many scraps of paper served as the basis of The Brazil Series.

At the exhibition the audience could experience a whole new aspect of the work of one of the 20th century key cultural personalities. The exhibition presented 40 all-new, never-before-seen paintings created by Bob Dylan specifically for this exhibition. Bob Dylan has been active as a visual artist since the 1960s, or, as he himself puts it: “I have always painted.”

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Curator’s Corner

The curator's corner

Exhibition curator Kasper Monrad on Bob Dylan's art

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Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Art Educator Ulla N. Kierkgaard explains about the preparations for the exhibition.

Web TV: Views on Bob Dylan

See the film from the exhibition

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