Bob Dylan, Favela Villa Broncos, 2010 © Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan,Favela Villa Broncos, 2010 © Bob Dylan. Acrylic on canvas, 106,7 x 142,2 cm

Favela Villa Broncos

This scene depicts the sprawling slums, the so-called favelas, which surround the city of Rio de Janeiro. The artist was obviously captured by the strong visual impression made by the densely built, primitive, barrack-like houses that climb the mountainside, one on top of the other.

Here, the artist has taken up a position at the foot of the hill where a small brook has wedged an opening in the claustrophobic settlements. This provides the artist with an open line of sight up towards the almost endless rows of houses.

The luminous, bright, almost cheerful colours cause the houses to appear anything but sombre. Clearly, the artist did not intend to focus on the dire social conditions in these suburbs; rather, it would seem that he wished to communicate the will to live that, in spite of everything, lies behind the more or less anarchic conditions reigning here.

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