Hans Lützelburger (efter Mester NH), Kamp mellem bønder og nøgne mænd, 1522

Hans Lützelburger (efter Mester NH), Kamp mellem bønder og nøgne mænd, 1522.

Five questions for the curator

Which work in the exhibition should I be sure not to miss?
Hans Lützelburger’s woodcut after Master NH’s design: Battle between Peasants and Naked Men. It is from 1522 and done with complete virtuosity. It’s hard to believe it is made out of wood. It is worthwhile to look at, especially with a magnifiying glass.

What is special about woodcuts in comparison to other print methods?

The specificity of woodcuts in formal terms is that the technique has a kind of built-in expressive power. It comes partly from the fact that the woodcut always seems a little 'stiff' because it's hard to carve curved lines. Also, they contain a lot of contrast (in the case of black and white woodcuts) because it is difficult to carve fine lines that can produce grayscale shadings. It is this 'stiffness' and the contrasting expressions that provide the distinctive, expressive power.

How many woodcuts does the Danish National Gallery have in its collection?
We don’t know exactly but it is somewhere between 20,000 and 30,000 works.

Who was Albrecht Dürer?
Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) was one of the key artists of the German Renaissance. He lived his entire life in Nuremberg, but traveled twice to Italy (in 1494-95 and 1505-07) where he studied Italian art. He was a bridge between German and Italian artistic traditions. He was both a painter and printmaker. Especially his graphics - both his etchings and woodcuts - had a great influence on his contemporary art as well as the art throughout the 16th century.

Who is Tal R?
Tal R (born 1967), also known as Tal Rosenzweig, is a Danish artist. He works with woodcuts, among many other media. He graduated from the Art Academy in Copenhagen in 2000 and has exhibited internationally. He has helped to decorate the new Opera in Copenhagen and the Crown Prince’s palace at Amalienborg.

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