Six Saints

Even though the woodcut technique is simple in itself, it is quite cumbersome to work with if you happen to make a mistake or simply want something changed for whatever reason. It is very difficult to make corrections to a woodcut, as that which is cut away cannot simply be reattached. Corrections are, however, possible.

You simply cut out the piece of the block that needs amendment and insert a new piece of uncarved wood to exactly match the hole. The inserted wood can then be carved according to wish. Such operations are most frequently done so finely that they cannot be seen in the print. In some cases, however, things have gone awry, often because the wood has warped a little. This is, for example, evident in Niccolò Boldrini’s (circa 1500 - after 1566) woodcut after Titian’s design for Six Saints. Here, the head of Saint Sebastian (far left) has obviously been changed.

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