A love story

The museum invited Emily Wardill to make a videoproject in the x-room.


The result was a fascinating love story, that unfolds into a tale about the relationship between body and consciousness.

Interview with Emily Wardill

Interview with Emily Wardill

Hear the interview where Emily Wardill describes some of the things that inspired her to make the film.

The story in the film

The film tells the story about the neurologist Eitinne, who has lost his wife. For many years he has immersed himself in his work and neglected his love life.

In a sense his love is hidden to himself because he does not see it. He takes up internet dating, and after a few false starts he meets a woman, Slalem, with whom he falls in love. While Slalem attempts to appeal to Eitienne as a sensory being, he is fascinated by the brain's physiology.

Emily Wardill in the x-room x-rummet

Read about Emily Wardill's exhibition in the x-room. A thriller inspired film about love and manipulation.

Read about the British artist Emily Wardill, who is noticed on the international art scene right now.

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