About the exhibition

Emily Wardill udstiller i x-rummet på museet fra den 11. maj 2012 til den 16. september 2012

About the exhibition

Emily Wardill has created a fascinating love story. You could experience the film in the x-room from 11 May 16 September 2012.

I am trying to write a love story, which I think is in itself quite a task, mostly because it has been done so many times before. A lot of the film will deal with sensory deprivation and how it works in films themselves and in the construction of character. In the film the character’s love will also be hidden and confined by what he can know, and what is impossible to know.

Bodily awareness
The film was shown as a big projection in the dark x-room. Wardill tells about her work with the film: I want it to function somewhere between a thriller and a poem, but for the way that it is shot to make you think about your own body and what it knows.

For Wardill, film – both the act of making and watching film – is always a bodily experience, or perhaps more accurately a situation that automatically activates a bodily awareness. She herself states that this video deliberately aimed to prompt thoughts about one’s own body as you are engaged in a story happening to someone else.

Through the plot Wardill also explores how the Internet can be used for manipulation purposes – in this case the issues concern Slalems’s presentation of herself and the Internet as a tool employed in her social and emotional manipulation of Eitienne. At the same time the entire story also becomes a reflection of how the brain and the body are linked and how our consciousness and the physical realm operate in a state of constant feedback.

Performance and film

The film was developed through workshops with actors at the Lilith Performance Studio in Malmo. It sits somewhere between a performance and a film – with elements of the performance entering the film and elements of the film entering the performance.

The title
The title of the exhibition and the film is: found himself in a walled garden on the top of a high mountain, and in the middle of it a tree with great birds on the branches, and fruit out of which, if you held a fruit to your ear, came the sound of fighting. It is a quote from an essay by the Irish poet W.B. Yeats (1865-1939).

Speaking about her reasons for employing this quote, Wardill says: It has something about it which is within most of the work that I admire. I would like not to explain it but for it to relate to the film that I make.

Interview with Emily Wardill

Interview with Emily Wardill

Hear the interview where Emily Wardill describes some of the things that inspired her to make the film.

Emily Wardill in the x-room x-rummet

Read about the story in the film by Emily Wardill, where the main protagonist Eitienne tries to find love on the Internet.

Read about the British artist Emily Wardill, who is noticed on the international art scene right now.

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