Follow in the footsteps of Hammershøi. Let your smartphone link up art, past, and present.

The app created for the exhibition Hammershøi and Europe lets you experience Hammershøi’s universe in a whole new way. Watch art come to life and explore Hammershøi’s paintings in detail.

The app lets you explore selected works in greater detail; see the motifs come to life through film and sound.

You could use the app as you walked the streets of Copenhagen during the exhibitionperiod: you could find the posters advertising the exhibition and see how the app made them come to life in startling ways.

When you used the app inside the exhibition itself you would find a range of works linked to film footage shot at the sites where Hammershøi painted them. You would see the motif almost as he did – but in a contemporary version. The films are linked to excerpts from Hammershøi’s letters in which he describes his art and his thoughts about the various places. Together, these elements offered a very different way of gaining new insights into Hammershøi’s universe and creative process.

The app uses augmented reality (picture recognition technology) to add an extra digital layer on top of reality; this layer can be viewed through your smartphone’s camera.

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How to use the App

Hold your smartphone infront of the QR-code and scan it or search for "SMK Hammershoi" in App Store or Android Market

When you have downloaded the App, you are ready

Hold up your smartphone in front of the poster or post card, and watch the image come to life.

Updated: 26.apr.2018
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