Behind the exhibition

Behind the exhibition

Read about how the art pilots, conservators and staff from the Gallery’s education services together made the exhibition.

Illuminated – tracing Bosch and Bruegel

Exhibition period: 4 May 2012 - 21 October 2012


It looked like a set-up for forensic detective work, but in fact it was an exhibition about four Dutch paintings from the 16th century. The paintings look almost exactly alike – and yet they are different. How are they connected? If, indeed, there is any connection between them at all?


Looking behind the scenes

Over the course of two years an international team of experts have examined the four paintings. The exhibition revealed the surprising results of their studies. It offered you a rare opportunity to gain insight into the sophisticated methods used to examine art.


A participatory exhibition

Twenty art pilots from the ULK Art Labs for Young People co-operated with conservators and staff from the Gallery’s education services to create the exhibition.

Their co-operation brought about a different kind of exhibition where you could explore the conservators’ workshops and the history of the paintings. Follow the art pilots on their journey through the conservators’ world.


Read about the study

CATS and the National Gallery of Denmark have jointly published a book about the study of the four paintings.

Sponsors and Partners

Illuminated – Tracing Bosch & Bruegel is sponsored by EU Culture.

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