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CATS and the National Gallery of Denmark have jointly published a book about the study of the four paintings. The book will be available from the Gallery bookshop.

The book On the trail of Bosch and Bruegel. Four paintings united under cross-examination covers the many facets of the study. The book is published by Archetype Publications.

Read about the book

What the book is about:

  • Chapter 1: Provenance history of Christ Driving the Traders from the Temple
  • Chapter 2: On the genealogy of a composition: tracing the roots of Christ Driving the Traders from the Temple
  • Chapter 3: Christ Driving the Traders from the Temple: painting materials and techniques in the context of 16th-century Antwerp studio practice
  • Chapter 4: The dendrochronological dating of three paintings in the style of Bosch/Bruegel
  • Chapter 5: Tracing the individual ‘handwriting’ of four 16th-century artists through their underdrawings
  • Chapter 6: Copying for the art market in16th-century Antwerp: a tale of Bosch and Bruegel
  • Chapter 7: The people’s vengeance on perfection: on the iconography of Hieronymus Bosch’s lost composition Christ Driving the Traders from the Temple
  • Chapter 8: The conservation and restoration of the Copenhagen, Tallinn and Glasgow paintings: past and present

The publication was created in co-operation with:

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Archetype Publications

The publication is sponsored by:

EU Culture Programme
The Embassies of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Copenhagen, London and Tallinn

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