Interdisciplinary research into artists' materials and techniques

CATS is a centre for interdisciplinary research into artists' materials and techniques.

CATS – Centre for Art Technological Studies and Conservation

The CATS Centre for Art Technological Studies and Conservation was established on 1 July 2011.

The centre specialises in technical art history and was set up in collaboration between the Gallery, the National museum of Denmark, and the School of Conservation at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

What is technical art history?

The term “technical art history” covers conservators’, scientists’, and art historians’ study of works of art, their genesis, and the techniques and materials employed in their creation.

The Centre’s fields of work

The Centre works to improve the ways in which we can chart the complex and varied ageing processes that take place in art. In addition to this, the Centre aims to develop new and more precise methods for the diagnosis and subsequent treatment and preservation of our art heritage.

The ambition is for the Centre to become a leading capacity on the international art scene, one that offers new and sophisticated scientific methods and art historical research to help optimise the treatment and conservation of art.

Read more about the Centre at the CATS website

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