Behind the exhibition

Twenty art pilots from the ULK Art Labs for Young People spent six months exploring the conservators’ world. The exhibition was created through collaboration between the art pilots, conservators, and staff from the Gallery’s education services.

The Gallery’s rich store of knowledge and information about art should constantly be made visible and accessible to users. With this mission in mind a group of conservators, art pilots, and education professionals entered into co-operation in order to present the story of four almost identical 16th century paintings.  The exhibition places special emphasis on the painting owned by Gallery.

What are the ULK Art Labs for Young People?

The ULK Art Labs for Young People is a creative laboratory and social community for young people, set up by the National Gallery of Denmark. The art pilots are young volunteers who provide the Gallery with advice on how to target peer-to-peer education and communication activities aimed at young people.

How the exhibition was presented

The exhibition took its starting point in a group of 20 art pilots who explored the conservators’ world, followed them through the process of analyses that help them make new discoveries. The team produced a dynamic exhibition that invited visitors to explore the conservators’ workshops and the methods they use: The use of infrared reflectographyx-ray imaging, iconography, microanalysis, and dendrochronology.

What the art pilots say

Astrid R. Nordlund: Our co-operation is rewarding and very complex; the academics and young people involved both benefit from each other’s knowledge – and ignorance. This creates a sense of balance where our communication and discussions take place on a level where everyone is included and happy to contribute. For the objective is to grab the users’ interest in the best way possible.

Karoline Krabbe: You gain insight into – and an impact on – processes that are not usually accessible to you. It feels a little as if you become party to a secret – to all the things that happen outside of the exhibitions ...

Frederik Worm Nielsen: The process surrounding this exhibition has been incredibly interesting for me personally and highly inspiring for the group as such. This is direct peer-to-peer communication for young people, full of depth, intensity, and poetry. It is super-important in cultural terms, but it is also a fun and important alternative to all the other venues and platforms we work with: Roskilde Festival, Facebook, Youtube,Twitter etc.

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