Life and death

Exhibition for children from 19 November 2011 till 28 October 2012

Thoughts about life and death have occupied many artists through the ages. Children also entertain a great many thoughts about the subject. With this exhibition we wished to create a safe, positive framework for conversations about life and death. Not as polar opposites, but as preconditions for each other.

Art offers natural avenues of approach in this context because it can help us grapple with the difficult and complex aspects of the matter. When children encounter art, it helps them grow as people!

The main target group for the exhibition was children aged 6 to 12 years.

For children

”How do you get up into heaven?” a girl asked one day. Grown-ups don’t know everything, you know. But everybody knows something about life.
What you could experience in the exhibition

For grown-ups

Is this really suitable for children?
Thoughts about life and death have occupied many artists through the ages. But what does that have to do with children? Quite a lot! For children also entertain many thoughts about the subject.
How you could experience the exhibition with children


"It makes me think of flowers and blood and guns". Small film about children's understanding of life and death.
Watch the film

Development partners
We should like to direct special thanks to the teachers Mette Lemb Sørensen (Engelsborg Skole) and Louise Smith, to 3. C at Dansborgskolen, and to child psychologist Søren Friis Smith.

The exhibition was created by Michael Hansen, Pernille Jensen, Fie Reffeldt, and Marianne Grymer Bargeman.

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