About Life and death - for children

”How do you get up into heaven?” a girl asked me one day. The girl’s name was Liv, which means Life in Danish.
I couldn’t really answer that.

”And does the head fall off when you die?” she asked. ”Erm, no,” I said. “As far as I know that happens quite rarely.” 

Grown-ups don’t know everything, you know. But everybody knows something about life.  And you and I and the girl Liv really are life itself when you think about it. Your heart is pumping, and you grow like the grass. You grow up and become really BIG. And you’ll grow old as the mountains eventually.

The girl Liv knew somebody who died. She remembered her grief as a furry lump that seemed to be stuck in her throat. But she also discovered that something would always live on.

”Nothing ever dies completely,” said Liv to me. And she was right.

© Children gathered around Eva Tind Kristensen, Sow, 2011. Photo: Frida Gregersen (SMK Photo)

You could explore the exhibition and make discoveries such as:

  • questions underneath the folding floor (that even the grown-ups cannot answer!)
  • surprises in the boxes
  • films and books
  • maps leading to other works of art in this house

Illustrations from Wolf Erlbruch's book Duck, Death, and the Tulip, 2007

Illustrations from Wolf Erlbruch's book Duck, Death, and the Tulip, 2007

Photo: Frida Gregersen (SMK Photo)

Foto: Frida Gregersen (SMK foto)

For grown-ups

Is this really suitable for children?
Thoughts about life and death have occupied many artists through the ages. But what does that have to do with children? Quite a lot! For children also entertain many thoughts about the subject.
How you could experience the exhibition with children


"It makes me think of flowers and blood and guns". Small film about children's understanding of life and death.
Watch the film

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