Matisse in the Gallery Collections

The National Gallery of Denmark possesses a unique collection of French art, including many works by Matisse. The collection also features works by artists such as André Derain, Fernand Léger, and Georges Braque.

The collection holds masterpieces by the greatest artists of the period as well as important works by artists who were part of the radical avant-garde of the era, but have since fallen into relative obscurity.

Even more Matisse

In co-operation with the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York we presented an extensive collection of Matisse’s best works in the exhibition Matisse – Doubles and Variations. But you can still experience art by Matisse in the Gallery’s collection of French Art 1900-1930. For example, you can view one of his most famous works: The Green Stripe, a depiction of the artist’s wife.

One of the finest collections in the world

The fact that the Gallery owns such a sensational collection of art by Matisse is partly the result of the work done by the art collector Johannes Rump. In the late 1910s and early 1920s Rump, an engineer by trade, created one of the world’s finest collections of Matisse works, and in 1928 he donated his collection to the National Gallery of Denmark.

Read the story of Johannes Rump's collection.

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